Customizable Engine

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The source for most of the SmarteStudio implementation is available for you to read and modify.  You may find it useful to look at if you decide to create a library customized for you application.



Unless you specified otherwise, SmarteStudio will be installed at

C:\Program Files\SmarteSoft\SmarteStudio\


The source code is in the Engine directory.  You'll find the recording/learning libraries in Engine\Lib.  The core logic is in four files: SeSAction.js; SeSBehavior.js; SeSCommon.js; SeSConfig.js.


If you plan to make changes to the SmarteStudio Engine, we recommend you use a version control system capable of reconciling code conflicts, as we do not support user customizations.  However, let us know if you feel that your customizations are generally useful; if we decide to integrate them into SmarteStudio, we will support them.


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