DLL Testing

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You can create objects and invoke methods from both managed and unmanaged dlls.



SmarteStudio provides API calls to work with managed DLLs.  The Windows object WScript can be used with unmanaged DLLs.


Managed DLLs

Util.InvokeMember: Invoke a class method in a managed DLL.
Util.CreateClassInstance: Creates an instance of a class in a managed DLL.
Util.SetFieldValue: Sets a field value in an object created with CreateClassInstance.


Unmanaged DLLs

WScript.CreateObject("DynamicWrapper"): Create a DynamicWrapper object.  The Register and ShellExecute methods of the DynamicWrapper object can be used to invoke DLL methods as in the following example:


var UserWrap = WScript.CreateObject("DynamicWrapper");

UserWrap.Register("shell32.dll", "ShellExecute", "I=hssssl", "f=s", "r=l");

UserWrap.Register("USER32.DLL", "MessageBoxA", "I=HsSu", "f=s", "R=l");

UserWrap.MessageBoxA( null, "" + elapsed, "Time Elapsed:",  0x30 );


Test Samples

There is a Samples folder in your SmarteStudio directory.  There are two test samples that illustrate working with DLLs:



See Also

For more information on the WScript object, see: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/at5ydy31(VS.85).aspx