External Debugger

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When you enable the External Debugger, the Microsoft Script Debugger is used to debug your script.  SmarteStudio provides an Internal Debugger as well.



You can enable the External Debugger on the SmarteStudio Ribbon (Test tab > Debugging menu).

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The top drop-down menu has  four options:

No Debugging
Run with Internal Debugger: See Internal Debugger for more info.
Run with External Debugger: Open the Microsoft Debugger to run the script.
Run External Debugger on Error: Open the Microsoft Debugger only if an error occurs.


When you choose the Run with External Debugger option, Microsoft Script Debugger will open as soon as you begin Playback of your script. The debugger will pause on the line


 WScript.Echo("SeS Player Starting...")


and display an error message.  There is no actual error; you can begin debugging.  Note, however, that SmarteStudio is mostly written in javascript, and the Debugger will step through SmarteStudio implementation as well as your test script.


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See Also

Internal Debugger
For instructions on using the Microsoft Script Debugger, try this link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms532989.aspx