Object Spy

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Object Spy allows you to inspect an object's properties and state.



Many controls on UIs are compound objects or there may be many instances of a similar object.  To be sure to select precisely the correct object, or to select the correct object from a collection of similar objects, the object's properties can be used to further identify the correct instance.



To spy on an Object:

1.Open the SeS Spy Dialog.  This can be done directly using the Spy button ses spy dialog, spy button in the main SmarteStudio window's toolbar, or by pressing the RASpyButton button in the Recording Activity dialog during recording or learning.
2.Press the Start Tracking button (or type CTRL+G).
3.As you mouse over different objects, you will see the contents of the SeS Spy dialog change as it collects information about the object.
4.Mouse over the object you wish to spy on and press CTRL+G.  The reduced-size tracking dialog will be expanded into the the larger SeS Spy Diaog dialog, presenting all the available information for the object.


See Also

See the SeS Spy Dialog for more details.